Seoul Foodie – Introduction


Namdaemun (남대문) – A great example of Korea’s fusion of both contemporary and ancient design.

Over this past New Year’s, I had the opportunity to visit South Korea with my family. I caught up with many family members I’d not seen in years, explored a country on the other side of the world, and of course, tried tons of new food.

Trio of 중화요리

Jjajangmyun (자장면), jjampong (짬뽕), and tang-soo-yuk (탕수육), core examples of Korean-Chinese cuisine (중화요리). Eaten at 신세계백화점 (Shinsegae Department Store).

Korea is known for very flavorful cuisine, great fusion dishes, and some of the best street food in the world. There are eye-catching, stunning dishes that can be found everywhere, and presentation is extremely important.

Samgyeopsal (삼겹살)

Samgyeopsal (삼겹살), unseasoned and uncured pork belly on a cast iron grill. Eaten at 광화문 뚝감.

Join me as I take a stunning food tour of Seoul, with foods ranging from the familiar burger and fries to live octopus, still squirming on the plate.

잘 먹겠습니다!



Bar Harbor, Maine: Home of luscious lobster and delectable desserts

Happy belated Independence Day to the Americans out there! This fourth, I took a trip up to Bar Harbor, ME for three days. I feasted on every possible lobster and blueberry dish I could possibly fit in my stomach.

Can't get much fresher than this!

Can’t get much fresher than this!

The night I arrived, I ventured down to Stewman’s Lobster Pound on the shore to feast on this magnificent three and a half pounder while witnessing the fireworks over the water.


The lobster, served with a corn on the cob, was super fresh and delicious and the fireworks were spectacular. We had the best view in the harbor, right up on the shore on the dock-like outer eating area. The meal was then finished off with a delicious strawberry shortcake with whipped cream.strawberrysh

This was an amazing introduction to the food of Maine! After going to bed on a full (and satisfied) stomach, I awoke and decided to skip breakfast (saving those calories and space for a great lunch). When I got to the downtown harbor area, I started off the day by cooling off with a cone of delicious blueberry soft serve ice cream from a small shack by the docks.



I’m a sucker for interesting flavors of soft serve. I love the green tea and black sesame ones that you can get at Japanese markets! This one didn’t disappoint – it tasted of blueberries and was creamy and sweet.

After a lovely and awe-inspiring nature cruise, during which I spotted multiple bald eagles and lots of chubby seals sunbathing, we came back to shore and had lunch – fresh lobster rolls and a blueberry muffin, on a small store right by the boarding area for the boats!


The lobster on the sandwiches were among the most lightly seasoned and freshest I’ve had, and the blueberry muffin was more akin to an oversized, soft blueberry cookie. They were absolutely delicious!

I also got a bottle of blueberry soda – bottled in Bar Harbor with no artificial flavoring and cane sugar. It was flavored with blueberry and grape concentrate, leaving no bad aftertaste. It was amazing. I picked up some extras to bring home.


For dinner that evening, we went to an Italian restaurant attached to the hotel – La Bella Vita. For starters, we had a delicious crab and lobster fondant with flatbread for dipping, and a nice mussels dish cooked in a lemon-y broth. My main course was a savory seafood stew, loaded with lobster tail, squid, mussels, clams, scallops, and fish.



All of it was exquisite. I was absolutely stuffed, no room for dessert! The blueberry pie will have to wait for tomorrow.

The next day, before taking off to come back to NYC, I had one last lobster roll, returning to Stewman’s, and finally got that blueberry pie I’ve been wanting.


The shrimp cocktail was amazing – fresh, juicy, and everything you’d want from a good shrimp cocktail. The lobster roll was also delicious. The sweet potato fries had a satisfying texture and flavor, the sweetness of the potato mingling lovingly with the saltiness of the seasoning. The regular fries were also competently fried, and the coleslaw provided a much welcome wetness to the whole experience.


This blueberry pie, though. THIS BLUEBERRY PIE. It was perfect. The filling, the crust, the ice cream, everything. I can see why it’s famous. This was, hands down, the best blueberry pie I’ve ever had. Definitely beats the McDonald’s apple pies, at least, haha.

Before we left, I stopped in a local supermarket and picked up a bunch of craft brews unique to the region – including blueberry beer!


Bar Harbor is definitely a destination to consider if you want delicious, fresh seafood, and amazing desserts. All the seafood was amazingly prepared and the lobster was, as expected, mind-blowingly delicious. The blueberry sweets were all absolutely delectable and I want to try every type and restaurant that serves them!

Thanks for reading! As my first post, I’ve used Instagram photos for now, but as the blog and my writing matures, I’ll be sure to take higher quality pictures with a better camera. Hope you enjoyed the article!

– Panzer

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